When is the Cave and Cliffs Part 2 release date? – Diverse Bulletin

Minecraft 1.18 is going to be a big update that changes how the game looks and plays across all platforms.

Developers Mojang has already shared plenty of information regarding its plans for the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update, including a vague release window.

Right now, we know that Minecraft 1.18 is coming in 2021 but we don’t know the exact timing, or even the month it will be available to download.

The good news is that we’re not far away from these questions being answered directly by the Mojang team.

Minecraft Live is being hosted this week and this will be the perfect time for the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 release date to be announced.

The team will have enough time to detail everything that will be included in Minecraft 1.18, and they will also be able to reveal how long it will take for it to arrive.

There has been no indication that this new patch will be delayed, but it’s entirely possible that Mojang are now working to a different schedule that will be revealed during Minecraft Live.

Mojang has already confirmed that the event will be filmed live and beamed across the world via the internet and packed with juicy Minecraft news.

There will also be contributions from content creators and will include a pre-show and community vote to influence the game.

Changing the game will include voting for a new mob to be added at a later date, with the choice being between the Copper Golem, the Allay and Glare.

A message from the Minecraft Live team doesn’t promise any Caves and Cliffs news, but it would be very disappointing if the company skipped it during the annual event.

“The guest list includes new and familiar faces from Mojang Studios, our amazing community, and a surprise appearance or two,” the Mojang message reads.

“On the menu you will find in-depth interviews, exciting reveals, a nail-biting vote, and puns galore! In lieu of gifts, please send positive vibes so the power doesn’t go out.

“You can watch Minecraft Live in any place that has an internet connection. Use your phone, tablet, PC, or game console to watch it on the Minecraft website or Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch accounts.

“Minecraft Live will be held virtually on October 16, 2021 and will begin at 12PM ET.”

So for anyone wanting to know the latest regarding Minecraft 1.18, the Minecraft Live broadcast will start at 5pm BST and will be available to watch on YouTube.

Caves and Cliffs has been pushed back several times due to its combination of new content and game-changing mechanics.

The patch was eventually split into two, with Mojang confirming earlier this year: “Because of the magnitude of this update and the dramatic changes it brings to the Overworld as a whole, there are also significant technical challenges we need to overcome before certain parts of the update are ready to ship.

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