Modern-day War of the Roses! York and Lancaster MPs compete over royal title for jubilee – Diverse Bulletin

Reported as a ‘modern-day War of the Roses’ which has emerged between York and Lancaster after ministers supported calls for a northern town to receive the royal title which would coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Oliver Dowden, the Conservative Party Chairman recently endorsed giving royal status to a Northern town at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

Although there is currently no town with a ‘Royal’ prefix in Northern England, MPs are hoping granting this royal title to a northern city would fix this apparent injustice.

However, there is now a competing bid between the MPs of Lancaster and York, for the title to be given to one of their constituencies.

In the 15th century Lancashire and Yorkshire separated England in a bid to reach the throne, which cost the lives of thousands.

The war was named after the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York.

Michael Crick, broadcaster and journalist posted on social media: “There are nine Royal Boroughs in England, nearly all in leafy places, none further north than Sutton Coldfield.

“How about some further north, to give northern towns a new boost? Royal Borough of Barrow, anyone?”

Chairman of the Northern Research Group of Tory MPs said: “We are hugely proud of the strong royal connections through our history and to the present day.

“I could think of nothing better than the Queen honouring places north of Sutton Coldfield with royal status.”

However, after the discussion at the party conference of a Northern town, MPs started to weigh in on the debate.

Cat Smith, Shadow Minister for Young people and democracy said she would have “no issue with becoming the Royal City of Lancaster”

I will be outraged, that would be such an injustice. Let’s face it, Lancaster won the War of the Roses, it’s our Royal patronage to have.”

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To mark the royal occasion Platinum Jubilee beacons will also be lit throughout the UK, as well as in the capital city of every Commonwealth country.

A programme of exciting celebrations have been planned across the UK, including an extended bank holiday from June 2-5.

The BBC will host a special live concert from Buckingham Palace, which is set to feature some of the “world’s biggest entertainment stars”.

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