Many troops have not complied with COVID-19 vaccine mandate, report says – KWTX

(CNN) – Hundreds of thousands of members of the U.S. military remain unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated as deadlines approach for the Pentagon’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

According to a review of data published in Sunday’s Washington Post, the rate of COVID-19 vaccination among the armed services varies a great deal.

For instance, vaccine compliance in the active-duty Navy is 90%.

But for the Marine Corps, it’s 72%, though both services share the same Nov. 28 deadline.

The lowest overall rates of vaccination are in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

They are both around 40%, which is just half the rate of the regular Army’s active-duty troops, which stands at 81%.

Still, the Pentagon is optimistic that as deadlines approach, the vast majority of U.S. service members will carry out their orders to be vaccinated.

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