Joe Biden slammed as ‘utterly incoherent’ even with ‘assistance of an autocue’ – Diverse Bulletin

President Biden delivered a rambling and error-ridden speech during an appearance in Illinois where he confused names, genders and places in a speech about the importance of vaccines which has received heavy criticism for its haphazardness.

Speaking at the event, the President mumbled names and stuttered heavily as he reeled off his thanks to various figures for their work on vaccines in Illinois.

But in one bizarre moment, the President says: “Ohio… Pennsylvania… the, the, the Illinois president Don Harmon!”

He adds: “Erm, erm erm, Martin Moylan… and we have got great leadership…

But Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi launched a damning attack on the US President branding him for the confusing speech.

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She slammed how “even with the assistance of an autocue” the US President “is utterly incoherent” as she set about a ruthless takedown of the clearly struggling president.

Mr Biden then suddenly shouts “where is Tim” as his disjointed speech takes a turn for the worse.

Responding to the confusing speech, the anchor added: “Don’t worry he eventually found Tim!

“Perhaps Tim can figure out what in God’s name the president was trying to say there!”

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“I was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward.”

Mr Biden made his visit to Illinois, a state he carried in 2020 by 1,025,024-votes.

But his visit comes at a time when his public approval rating has nose-dived.

Rasmussen’s most recent poll suggested Biden’s approval rating currently stands at -12 percent.

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