Hoboken to offer COVID-19 booster shot – The Stute – The Stute

In the city’s most recent efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla announced on September 13 that Hoboken will have new pop-up booster clinics to distribute the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine. The pop-up clinics are spread throughout Hoboken and occur on weekdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Everyone 12 years and older can get the latest booster shot if they received their last booster shot or finished their primary COVID-19 vaccination over two months ago; they must bring their vaccination card to the clinic. All clinics will be administering the bivalent booster shot which targets both the original strain of COVID-19 as well as multiple strains of the Omicron variant that can more easily spread.

Mayor Bhalla plans on holding more booster clinics as Hoboken obtains more shipments of the recent CDC and FDA-authorized booster. In the original booster announcement, Mayor Bhalla said “I encourage all those eligible to consider getting the updated booster to increase your protection against COVID-19 as we head towards the colder fall and winter months.” With many people traveling during the holiday season and the newer Omicron variant reaching the U.S. a few months before 2022, COVID-19 cases surged at the beginning of 2022 as Hudson County reached over 2,500 daily cases. Stevens had to hold classes online for the first two weeks of the spring semester to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus from many students traveling back home during winter break. With the accessible booster clinics throughout Hoboken in the fall, Mayor Bhalla is hoping to prevent a spike of COVID-19 cases throughout the city during the winter as seen in years past throughout the world.