Conservative Pundit Places George Santos Lie That Reveals He’s A ‘Complete Sociopath’

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes on Monday reported the scandals engulfing Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) were being “testing the Republican party’s potential for lies and for sleaze, which we know is very sizeable.”

The founder of The Bulwark news network instructed MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace which of the quite a few lies Santos has been busted telling about himself showed he was a “complete sociopath.”

Santos bragged with terrific “enthusiasm” about feats on the volleyball court that hardly ever essentially occurred, Sykes observed.

It was “the enthusiasm of a total sociopath who was lying and embellishing, but we’ve long gone way over and above straightforward embellishing right here and this tale is heading to get even worse and even worse and even worse,” he stated.

“So, it’s heading to test Kevin McCarthy’s capacity for heading together with the embarrassment. We presently know what his capacity for tolerating lies and sleaze is,” Sykes additional.

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