Belarus’ Lukashenko has produced selection to invade Ukraine less than certain conditions, skilled suggests

Lukashenko decided to invade Ukraine - founder of BYPOL initiative

Lukashenko resolved to invade Ukraine – founder of BYPOL initiative

BYPOL is made up of former Belarusian legislation enforcement officials who oppose Lukashenko’s illegitimate rule.

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“We believe that Lukashenko has determined to invade,” explained Azarov.

“And he will invade Ukraine only less than particular problems – when he is particular of some form of a Russian victory… Preparations are underway, but there is no particular day, as it is not clear that the offensive can materialize in the near upcoming.”

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In accordance to the specialist, the preparations are created basic by “limitless” navy drills of Belarusian troops.

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“First of all, it’s the Distinctive Functions Forces, Air Defense, Air Drive, the Engineering Corps, and Digital Warfare units they are the very first types to be educated,” Azarov points out.

On Nov. 4, Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko declared that he has no ideas to send the Belarusian army to combat in Ukraine.

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